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Zinc is corrosion resistant, readily solderable, flexible and perfectly suited for electronic applications - available to you through the innovation of Plating Technology. The highly efficient bath offers superior throwing and covering power that exceeds most electrolytes. When measured by vicker's Hardness Tester, the Tin/Zinc alloy plate falls within the category of soft metals. This enables highly successful forming, bending and deep draw operations, and allows the finished part to withhold severe deformation without damage to its protective coating.

Our latest processing and finishing techniques offer our customers the finest in zinc barrel and rack plating.

We have the capacity to plate a small 1/16" rivet to a 15 foot fabricated frame. Hydrogen Relief Baking Ovens can deliver thousands of pounds of product per day. Full quality control documentation can be provided per your needs. CaMyer provides a wide variety of chromates.

- Blue Bright Chromate (both Hexavalent and Trivalent types)
- Yellow Chromate (both Hexavalent and Trivalent types)
- Black Chromate
- Zinc Phosphate

Our plating process is monitored by our technicians to assure systems are operating properly and to permit selection of plating thickness, baking and post treatments.